Aachen in the West of Germany, at the border triangle between Germany, Belgium and the Netherlands, is the location and home of Paul´s Model Art . Here the success story of MINICHAMPS models begins and from Aachen they find their way into the showcases of collectors throughout the world.

Administration, national and international sales departments and the R&D office are located in Aachen. All steps of product development are controlled from here – from the first photographs through approval of the prototype model to the finished product. This way it is guaranteed that each single model meets the high quality standards for which MINICHAMPS is known.


The sales department is the interface to the specialist shops, as well as to the world wide located distributors. This department coordinates and operates all orders and the according deliveries. In addition to that the sales department takes care of announcing new products. Due to the continuous contact with national and international customers, the employees of the sales department are able to scan and examine all the information in the market, in order to do a market analysis with respect to our products. In case that you as a customers feel the need of a die cast model, which is not available in the Minichamps program so far, we are more than happy to receive your suggestions, which can be sent to us by leaving feedback on the homepage. All wishes and proposals, that come to our attention, will be verified and processed.


The creative department of Minichamps resides above the museum at the Charlottenburger Allee 51. A team of graphic and media designers take care of the company?s appearance. Besides others the packaging that carries the Minichamps label are designed here. Especially when it comes to special packaging or gift boxes it is worth while taking a closer look. Very often the history of the automobile or the theme of the respective series can be found on the layout or packaging. One example is the ?Linea Bianco?. The matt white cardboard packaging is partially minted with shiny paintwork. Due to this elaborate printing process the surface that the model is placed on seems to be metallic, creating the impression of the Linea Bianco model car sitting on a piece of authentic metal. Further emphasis of the work of a graphic expert is the focus on creating a major part of the decorations of the Minichamps model as well as the photographing of each single product. Every model that leaves Minichamps is documented by photo. These illustrations are used for the catalogue production as well as for the design of advertisements. At the same time they are used for filling up the Minichamps homepage with activities.


A lot of large companies set great value upon the cooperation of their brand philosophy and architecture. The four-cylinder of BMW in Munich is a very good and positive example for this. Minichamps did not follow this trend and has built its headquarters in scale 43rd, while the museum carries a large number of the Minichamps models in this scale. However the architecture of the Charlottenburger Allee 49-51 can be looked at with leisure. Trans-lucid and modern are: the lobby, museum and the other offices. The materials used are glass, natural stone, exposed concrete and metal, which together resemble elegance. Take a look around. Here on our website you have the opportunity to get to know our offices better with a virtual tour from a 360 degrees camera perspective.


In the times of globalisation and advanced internationalisation of potential sales markets the logistics department receives a central focus. Due to this development Minichamps puts heavy attention on the perfection of the supply chain, as well as distribution. Incoming air and sea freight from the Far East are paid customs on, approved and accepted and in addition to that nationally and internationally shipped, upon the day of their arrival. Hundreds of shipments, no matter, if it is a container, pallets or a parcel leave the Charlottenburger Allee daily, always having in mind to serve the customer as quick as possible.