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The Gemeinnützige Tierschutzgesellschaft (charitable animal association), in short GTG, was founded in 1998 by Romy and Paul G. Lang. Romy´s dedication for animal protection already started 20 years earlier. At first she worked voluntarily for the local animal shelter. She not only took care of dogs, cats and other relatively small animals, but in emergency situations she also rescued larger animals, such as horses who can not be kept in a regular animal shelter. At first the terrain offered lots of space, but this has changed dramatically over the years until today. The farmyard is constantly filled out.Romy and Paul G. Lang built up the farmyard with their own private capital. In the meantime more than 80 animals reside in the stables and the 7 hectare large property. These consist of 8horses, 14 Ponies, 2 donkeys, 1mule, 1 ox, 3 sheep, 3 goats, 6 pigs, 12 cats, 1 racoon and in total 26 chicken, geese and ducks. The coexistence with other animals, as well as light, large stables, with lots of under run and soft flooring and specialties such as the roundspin , a space outside where especially elder horses can be trained exactly to comfort their needs, that is keeping their muscles flexible.

Gemeinnützige Tierschutzgesellschaft mbH – click to find out more

All these efforts in order to create an optimal environment and living circumstances for the animals were honoured. The farmyard won an extra price for advanced and species appropriate horse caring, in a nation wide competition of the German horse riding association.
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Gemeinnützige Tierschutzgesellschaft mbH – click to find out more