When setting up the new corporate headquarter of Paul´s Model Art GmbH, great value was set on ecologically sensitive design. When it comes to green technologies in real estate, we are in the lead – at least quadruply:

– we use solar energy
– we mind consumption of fossile
– we mind CO2 emissions
– we mind the ground water level

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Condensing boiler technology

Consumption of fossile energy and carbon dioxide emissions have been reduces by use of modern condensing boiler technology. A condensing boiler is a boiler for hot-water systems, nearly taking full advantage of the energy content of the cumbustible used. The main difference to a conventional boiler is, that a condensing boiler even exploits the energy contained in the water vapour, usually exhausting unused as waste gas.

earth ecology

Active support on preservation of groundwater level by setting up surfaces allowing water to seep away. Soil sealing has a very negative impact on natural water balance, since the soil can not longer buffer water. Superficial drain off increases and ground water recharge diminishes. 3900 square metres of company soil have been set up to allow water seeping away.


Active environmental protection by use of regenerative / solar energy. Capacity of the plant: appr. 36,5 KWp, whereas a total performance of up to 24.800 KWh per year can be archieved. Thereby the output of carbon dioxide is reduced by more than 20 tons a year